Do You Know What Your "PASSION" Is?

Do you know what your "passion" is? Your REAL passion? The one/s that gives your life meaning and purpose? It shocks me to the core how often I come across people who don't have a freakin' clue as to what their calling is in life.

Watching TV is not a passion. It's a passtime. A shitty one at that.

Shopping is not a passion. It's a void filler with perks.

What MOVES you?

What would you do even if you DIDN'T get paid to do it?

What would you do if you didn't EVER have to worry about rent, bills etc?

What sparks your fire and stokes your flame?

What lights you up in a calm but giddy rush of fucking EUPHORIA?

I bet you want SO MUCH to live the ultimate life of your dreams but how can you even begin to do so if you aren't DEEPLY intimate with your desires?

Or even on a more basic level - what you like and don't like?

I bet that you could easily list 10 things that you DO NOT LIKE in terms of living and lifestyle. Easily.

So here's an easy trick to try, just turn those things on its head and explore the polar opposites and see how that opens up possibilities for you.

What you like - what feeds your soul on a cellular level - are the keys to really LIVING and LOVING life and will lead you towards living your dream life full of purpose and passion.

Be open and let your heart do the talking. Put your brain and ego away for a little while so it doesn't interrupt with limiting beliefs and "I can't do that"s.

Trust yourself because you really do know what you want in life and you also know exactly how to get it. You just need a blank page and some bravery.