Slow vs Hustle - Which One Works?

I couldn't shake this question I kept asking myself.
I'd take action and get stuff done and I'd feel guilty for neglecting use of my spiritual tools. Then I'd try and use my spiritual tools and feel guilty that I wasn't getting shit done!
I kept asking myself...

"Where do you draw the line between go-go-go, hustle for the dreams and having to slow down to prevent burnout?"

"Is hustle actually BAD? But then is going TOO slow bad?"

I NEEDED to journal this out. I NEEDED to remove this block. I NEEDED to feel the FLOW again.

So I put on my runners, grabbed a coffee and took my journal for a walk along the boardwalk and then the beach. I was going to stop at the pools and sit on the stairs but my intuition told me to keep going further, so I eventually found a spot up where the ocean met the rockpools. It was sunny and warm with the added bonus of the ocean swelling and breaking and doing its thing.

I pulled out my journal and just starting rappin', letting the queries flow freestyle. And then..... The answers came. Clarity. Fuck yes.

This is what I discovered, straight from my journal....

"I think I just realised that they're BOTH right (hustle and slowness) and they can coexist and the missing link is that you CAN and SHOULD hustle and go-go-go!!! BUT only if it comes from a place of CONNECTION and INTUITION and BEING rather than DOING. And that's it's not so much always "slowing down" to prevent burn out as it is STAYING CONNECTED."

BAM!!!!!! Truth. Crystal clear clarity. Block gone.

Here's the thing - my intuition told me to walk it out and sit and journal, "slow down" right? But because I was so switched on and tuned in I ended up being PRODUCTIVE. I got shit done. Everyday I'm still hustlin'...

I kept journalling. I kept exploring this "new" information. I wanted to understand more of the FLIPSIDE. Where people are told to slow down, relax and just breathe... Where they slow down TOO MUCH that they become stagnant and in a constant space of constant healing, of constant UN-productivity, energy sucky SLOOOOOOW. And this is what intuition told me...

"Telling yourself that busy is bad and that you need take it slow is a sign of being DISCONNECTED. Taking it slow is an EXCUSE to not get shit done. You're disconnected and it's FEAR IN DISGUISE!!!! The ego is using your OWN tools and language AGAINST you!!! You are your own worst enemy. Just as you've upleveled spiritually, mentally, emotionally, personally - so has your ego to keep your potential for growth fresh, to give you more opportunity to play it small."

THIS is the REAL work/life/biz/work/life balance! Operating from intuition. Being your thang not "constantly doing". You CAN be soulfully slow if you're GUIDED to - not simply to PREVENT burnout. You shouldn't need to prevent burnout if you're operating from within, from an already chilled place of joy.

And... You CAN be a bad ass fucking fast hustler if it comes from a connected place. You can tell when you're hustling for the sake of it - it's got that anxious, future-tripping, lose-your-mind edge to it right??

Feel it out. Tell me how you go.