When chasing your dreams you will feel so. fucking. lonely. sometimes. 

Doing the healing work, getting into alignment with your soul calling and ultimately mowing down those specific steps towards your dreams means that you will be lightyears ahead of your family and lightyears ahead of your friends and peers.

What happens when you become a Pro Dreamcatcher is you become a billionfold more authentic which means that a lot of inner little shifts happen and as a whole, your whole energy shifts to align with your real you and your real dreams.

Which THEN means you're no longer on the same wavelength with a lot of people anymore. You're emitting a fucking high vibe frequency that ego-minded people can't handle yet potentially admire or they wanna bring you down to their safe, non-dreamcatching level with their doubts and their worries and their own brand of fear. You know because you've already experienced the negative feedback I'm sure.

Your mum is freaking the fuck out because you're risking the traditional version of success (and safety and security). Your workmate thinks you're a bit of a nutter. Your partner feigns interest but has no fucking clue.

Does it suck when you become increasingly bored with conversations with your "usual" people? Yes. Yes it does. You know, you'll either inspire your crew to rise up alongside you or you'll notice the divide just getting larger and larger. This isn't a BAD thing. Maybe a sad thing but not a bad thing.

Honey, you ARE the leading edge!!!!

This newfound social room you have is only making way for your tribe. Fine the term is overused but it's true your vibe attracts your tribe. People on the SAME wavelength as you. Other Pro Dreamcatchers who get IT. And not only get it but push you and inspire you and understand your struggles and can genuinely celebrate your wins because they actually recognise your wins instead of "Oh that's nice" from your mum, who has no fricking clue how big a step you just took.

You could think that you're "lonely" or you could think that you're just waiting for your crew and making space next to you on the edge. They will come. You will be held and understood and empowered by your kin. Call them in baby.