A Must-Read About Managing Stress As An Entrepreneur

Must Read About Managing Stress As An Entrepreneur - www.cherrifountain.com

I don’t want to make this a super fucking boring infomercial for the effects of stress. I really don’t. But you do need to know that even though you *think* you’re handling stress in a pretty regular and O.K way, I’m here to tell you that it’s actually messing with you and your PURPOSE pretty bad, you’re not taking it SERIOUSLY enough and you’re not using it to your ADVANTAGE when you should.

I don’t really need to explain the in’s and the outs of how stress can adversely affect you do I? I mean there are millions of articles out there that tell you how mismanaged stress creates sickness and disorders, messes with your energy that you COULD be unleashing upon the world with, could be CREATING from the depths of your soul with... but it distracts you and keeps you sub-human in a way and definitely NOT the SUPER-human that you really are. It’s like you ALLOW these big and little stressors to hold you back and bog you down because doing (insert scary work) is SOOOO stressful and that’s a good enough excuse for not going all in, in the BIGGEST way possible. And then stress makes you sick and you just kind of fall into that role of the stressed out victim, like you never had a choice, never had a say in the matter, never saw the opportunity to use it as part of your arsenal and so it becomes the perfect excuse to revel in the burn out, to slow down sweetheart, to take your time darling, to have a little break from this “huge” responsibility of BEING YOURFUCKINGSELF and doing whatever it takes to follow your cosmic life calling that you were BORN FOR.

Seriously this riles me up.

And I think it riles me up so much because I HAVE been the self-proclaimed victim. I HAVE let myself fall on the sword of stress. I HAVE let myself succumb to the woeful symptoms and let it make me sick over and OVER again.

Because it’s easier to BLAME those stressful things than to actually take ownership of myself, being too scared to fucking look it deep in the eye and go at it in the ring – if I realise that I can (and am) already be the WINNER and kick it’s sympathetic nervous system ass.

Seriously, I LET myself develop a chronic illness. I LET myself develop an anxiety disorder. I LET myself develop a sleep disorder. I LET myself blame the stress, instead of being the one facing it.

I used to turn my nose up at those metaphysical gurus that would tell you that you absolutely create and allow your own fucked up illnesses, and now? I totally get it. It’s not that you purposefully manifest cancer! But then where do you think that the cancer might start? It’s been proven that stress increases the chances of and provides the perfect conditions for ovarian and breast cancer in women, so I think we’re on the right track here…

Anyway, maybe I’m being a little too harsh? Or maybe not…

But do you see my point?

Sure, we are meant to experience stressors throughout our day-to-day. Stress to a point is completely 100% normal occurrence. It keeps us on our toes mentally, helps us to stay motivated and to look for opportunities to not just survive but THRIVE.

But when we LET it overwhelm us?

When we wear it like a badge of entrepreneurial honour as a sign of our BUSY-NESS?

When we let it compound throughout the day? And then from one day into the next and one week into the next and so on and so forth?

The whole point of following our cosmic life calling, of 100% embodying our purpose, of unleashing our truth upon the world and the entire fucking UNIVERSE is that we HAVE to be “comfortable” with being uncomfortable. I say “comfortable” very loosely here because if you want to GROW, if you want to EXPAND, if you want to claim all that you were born for then you need to EMBRACE stress big and small. You need to let it be your fuel source, you need to love it with compassion and froth off of it, you need to make it your BFF and your mentor.

Call it stress or call it FEAR every single time it rears its head it’s giving you a road map to the fucking stars. It’s telling you EXACTLY where you need to leap, exactly what you need to do to be THERE, to live the life of your ultimate dreams, to have the riches, the fame and the freedom.

That feeling you get when stress crops up? The increased heart rate? The slightly holy shit! panicky feeling? Your fear-mind kicking into gear? That sense of losing control? That irritable FUCK YOU feeling? That nervous need to back down and reach for the safety and distraction of food or alcohol or unproductive “busy work” or whatever?

That’s your physical body giving you ALL THE SIGNS that THIS is it. That THIS is the way. That THIS is where the magic is baby. Ding! Ding! Ding!

Isn’t it obvious now WHY when we DON’T rise to meet it that we let ourselves sink under and awkwardly shrink ourselves into perpetual cycle of fear-full, small, meekness?? And then have the audacity to even ask, “Why ME?!”

We never really have control baby and we’re NOT meant to! We’re meant to FLOW and dance and make up the moves along the way, shaking our own groove thing on our own dancefloor of life to our own bangers, improvising with the changing – sometimes challenging - tempo along the way. Alright that was a bit lame but you get what I mean.

So what do we do?

How do we manage our stress?

How do we not let it overtake the steering wheel and overwhelm us?

  • First of all, you’re most likely living life back to front – as in you’re living, doing, being and THEN and only then, relaxing. You’re probably living a life that you have to slow down and rest from i.e NOT living a life that you ENJOY and rewarding yourself with pleasurable activities only AFTER you do all the things. And you know that you will never really be done with all the things, right?
    You need to decide on and create a life where you live and work from a place of chilled joy first – a life that you don’t need to escape from or have a break from. Which more than likely means you need to PRIORITISE yourself, your self-care and basic survival needs first – such as solid nutrition, actual hydration, decent sleep, sunshine and fresh oxygen on a daily basis.
  • Start the day early and slowly and JUST FOR YOU. Do not jump straight into the grind. Get your ass on your yoga mat or do some stretches in bed, listen to a podcast, meditate, do some positive visualisation, box breathe, workout, sit in stillness watching the sky, have a really delicious bath (please do, I miss baths!) – do whatever is juicy and chill and then and ONLY then…GET TO WORK!
  • Journal out EVERYTHING every.single.day. Your dreams, your desires and most important of all – your fears and stressors. Giving yourself a physical outlet to process your cognitive and emotional experiences allows you to sit with your feelings and view them with some objectivity, dig deep into the TRUE cause and shift your perception. And then suddenely? Your stressors won’t seem so stressful.
  • Get in with a pre-emptive strike on your stressors before they even happen so that you feel better equipped to handle it when stress does strike.
  • Nourish yourself with supplements such as B complex vitamins, Omega 3’s, magnesium and zinc.
  • Create a self-love toolkit and schedule in activities from it throughout your week. < VERY IMPORTANT!
  • Practice a deep breathing technique to tap into your parasympathetic nervous system and create a personalised affirmation script to repeat to yourself and anchor you back into the zone when stress strikes.
  • Exercise daily - especially low intensive exercise like yoga and even some strength training will help dissipate the elevated levels of cortisol in your system and boost serotonin. Follow your mild sweat session with some stretches, massage or foam rolling to wring out your fascia and release old stress and icky energies stored in your body.

And one last idea so as not to OVERWHELM you, ha!

  • Get your big scary ass priorities in order and eat the damn frogs! When you get stuck into the being and doing and living of your cosmic life calling (after your “YOU” morning, of course) do those scary, big, feeling-heaps-of-resistance tasks done and out of the way FIRST thing before any other work or creation – the things that if they were the ONLY thing you got done today you would feel so free and have such a sense of accomplishment. But of course we both know you ain’t just gonna rest on your pretty little laurels, right?

The whole point here is to OWN your stressors and look at them in such a way that you can combat them and collaborate with them effectively and remove any unnecessary emotional attachment to them so that you can just get in there and do the work and triumph over them in such a nourishing way that you remain productive and healthy and continue to grow and progress and uplevel that shit #likeafuckinggoddess.