One of the biggest reasons why people reject the idea of formulating their own self-love practice and why they resist the idea of falling in love with themselves is because self-love is LOVE right? It's gentle, it's beautiful, it's pure, it's soft, it's whatever you want it to be really - but they resist self-love because of how "light" it is when there is so much fucking darkness and brokenness and chaos within themselves. It's like the distance between the two is just too far fetched, too far out, too big a distance that they think the gap could never be bridged and they think that they have to make this ridiculously EASY and UNREALISTIC leap into fluffy pink cloud luuuurve that's just all fucking unicorns and rainbows and all day affirmations.

But it's not.

It's not because it isn't a FINAL destination that you arrive at.

And it's not because that huge gap is just an ILLUSION OF separation.

Self-love is in this moment, in this action, in this choice CHOOSING love. 

And not necessarily all heart eyes love either.

But just choosing to be and act and speak as your true, authentic self from your soul.

Being in alignment with your soul.

That is an act of love. 

That is ALIGNING with love.

THAT is self-love.

It is moment by moment, day by day making choices that unravel yourself from your hurt and from your past and from your fear-mind.

Doing things that nourish you.

That soothe you.

That SHIFT that thought and THAT thought and THAT thought.

And shift THAT feeling and THAT feeling and THAT feeling.

Giving yourself permission to feel exactly what you need to feel.

Gaining the courage to let old feelings surface so that you can feel them and then heal them.

And heal them in ways that only you decide work for you.

Yeah the harsh truth is that self-love is ANYTHING BUT EASY.


With practice it becomes EASIER.

And easier.

And your darkness and brokenness and your chaos becomes lighter.

More manageable.

Until it dissipates into a distant memory that you will barely recognise.

The whole point of this deep inner yearning for self-love is because you actually fucking need it right? Because there WAS hurt, because there WAS pain, because you WERE out of alignment and so you've come to a point where all that shit is no longer even ACCEPTABLE to you.

You're fucking done!

You KNOW that you are born for more, capable of more and yes you actually want to feel fucking happy and in love with your life.

So you have to be willing to step up to the plate of love.

You have to be willing to do the work.

The HARD work.

In facing yourself.

In facing your truth.

In facing your fucking dreams and admitting to yourself that THAT is actually what you want and not what you've had up until this point.

It is all going to take practice until it takes and becomes habit, becomes your everyday reality.

Because tell me this...

What's HARDER..?

Continuing to carry around the dead weight of your physical, emotional and mental baggage that tears you apart body, mind and soul?

Or doing what it takes to shift your mindset, to heal yourself and to repair the relationship you have with yourself, your life, your biz + your dreams?

That is the only price you need to pay.