Did you ever consider that in order to step into your highest self, to become all of that which is encoded within your DNA and in living, breathing and embodying your wildest dreams.. that you HAVE to embrace and surrender to all that is so fucked up dark and human within you too??

I didn't.

Out there in the world of spirituality and personal development there's a lot of emphasis on letting go of fears, eliminating bad habits, "high vibes only" and generally alot of pressure to be pure, good and working on daily peak performance - ESPECIALLY as entrepreneurs.

For many of us it's all very... intimidating.
There's a lot of resistance towards walking a path of... "perfection" for lack of a better word.
Even if we are actively working on our own shit and finding ways to heal and deal, it's more or less because we want to be done with the darkness of our past and selves that have created us so much pain - because we really just want that pain to stop and to also prevent any more future pain.

I'm sure that you too have experienced "The Backdraft Effect" where you're healing, you're working on your mindset, you're clearing out your blocks and BAM! Something really fucked up happens and you're completely taken by surprise - or you tap into old, out-of-alignment energies and do something really hardcore sabotagey - and you wonder why you even bother opening your heart and mind to the possibility of a better life and self if you're going to continue to battle through the same-shit different story, where you continue to resent and harbour guilt, shame and hatred towards parts of yourself. Yes "shit happens" because there is an underlying mindset based in personal fears.

But also... shit kind of just happens.

Although the idea of getting rid of our dark sides seems ideal and void of further drama, our darkness - or EGO - actually gives us DIRECTION in which way we need to lean towards the light, towards love, towards our true selves.

Our darkness is actually our teacher and greatest friend - and not the enemy within (even though facets of society might have you believe otherwise).

It's purpose is to SERVE us - not punish us - through its warning signs, its triggers, its panic attacks... it doesn't do those things to hurt us! Our darkness uses physiological alerts using our nervous system to let us know that "LOVE IS NEEDED HERE".

But how do we usually react in response??
"Fuck you!!"
"Oh well, fuck it!"
"How could you?!"
"You idiot!"
"OMG I hate you..."
"You'll never make it..."
"You're such a loser"
"Why bother?"
"You don't really deserve it"

We respond back with an ATTACK - ON. OUR. SELVES!

We attack the fucking perceived "attack".
And this language and ENERGY behind it in response is just fueling the flames of hurt and pain we inflict upon ourselves and when practiced, becomes our cognitive patterning - our go-to mindset. And then...

A psychological and physiological war ensues.

A tit for tat full of energetic blocks, fear mongering, stress, illness, addiction... all the low-vibe stuff you DIDN'T want.

And here's a little side info for you:
Yeah. You DID manifest that shit.

Because YOU started your own war.

When all you needed to do was wave that white flag in SURRENDER and listen compassionately to what your ego was getting all upset about.
Like a child it was having a fucking melt down moment in the middle of the shopping centre, about something LIFE OR DEATH important and it needed you to hold it and listen... and you fucking cussed and yelled at it, essentially telling it that it's NOT WORTHY OF YOUR LOVE.

Imagine that on repeat for the majority of your life what kind of effect that would have on your belief in yourself? Your confidence? Your happiness? Your sanity? Your soul.

Because THAT'S what you're doing to yourself.

Yes I did also say that shit just happens too. Because it NEEDS to for personal evolution and growth in your human existence. Those kinds of lessons that stem from loss and life change won't go away. They're absolutely essential.

And so is your darkness.

No. You cannot prevent your own ego from rearing its head - you NEED it - but you can prevent yourself from tail-spinning even further into the dark.

Every time your ego pops up it's because there's a deep-seeded fear you need to address. A feeling you need to feel. A lesson to be heeded. An opportunity for soul alignment tugging at your heart.

And then once it's been acknowledged...

Light and love pour in.
You shift a block.
A new perception takes place.
Your mindset uplevels.
Cognitive repatterning occurs.
A miracle happens.
Space is made for magic.
Your fear response is soothed.

Doing the internal, "dark" work can be messy. It can be hard to face. It can be hard to own. But you'll never regret having done it. And then like most things, with practice it gets easier and easier to do. Instead of building up the strength to endure and wear pain you'll surrender it instead to different kind of strength - one of healthy resilience, of capability, of kick-ass, can-do-anything!

A strength of self-love #likeafuckinggoddess