My name is Cherri Fountain, I am a heartled leader and self-love (goddess) mentor for entrepreneurs just. like. you.

I write and create soul-based content and share modern tools and ancient technologies to energetically, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually remove what blocks you from love, bliss and abundance because I discovered the REAL truth...



I show you how to...

  • Cult-ivate an unshakeable, deeply nourishing and blissed out as fuck daily self-love practice that not only supports and heals you but, actually¬†DIRECTLY leads you to a successful business and life of wealth and abundance.
  • Use journalling and mindset prompts to¬†pin point the exact fears holding you back and blocking you from love in all areas of your life and then reset your mindset back to the¬†TRUTH of who you are as creator of your own reality.
  • Intuitively¬†apply a personalised blend of hard physiological science and gentle metaphysical¬†knowledge to get your BODY,¬†MIND and¬†SOUL back into alignment with love and abundance.
  • Make fuck tonnes of money just by being your authentic self, following your bliss and having fun and adventures i.e following your COSMIC LIFE CALLING.¬†

Because I KNOW you...

  • You have an¬†UNSHAKEABLE urge to decipher your COSMIC LIFE CALLING¬†and unleash it on the world¬†and at the same time, you don't want to follow all the "profesh" six-figure rules, systems and strategies to market you and your message...
  • You¬†deep down in your bones KNOW that¬†you are unquestionably destined to live your ultimate life of dreams full of flow, freedom, adventure and magic..
  • You're¬†on your own path of self-development and spirituality¬†desperately trying to step into your HIGHEST self and be in alignment with your authentic truth - but can't QUITE figure out what it is that you're missing...
  • You¬†KNOW you were born to live your ULTIMATE life of dreams but experience energetic fear-based blocks to your progress and success that you just don't know how to shift..
  • You genuinely¬†wanna love¬†yourself fiercely, unapologetically and oh so fucking deliciously and manifest MA$$IVE magic in your life and biz with mindset exercises and healing practices that ACTUALLY¬†work...

It ALL comes back down to LOVE babe.

And this is how I figured it out...

Long story short I KNEW that I was destined to be an entrepreneur, to be a leader, a creator, an artist, a healer, a revolutionary... I knew I was born to make an impact... Ever since I was young I was very good at accomplishing the goals I set my mind to and was ALWAYS coming up with business ideas or artistic pursuits. I just didn't know exactly what I would DO or even HOW to figure it out. 

After nearly a decade of struggling back and forth with my cosmic life calling and true purpose as an entrepreneur - painfully fucking up my ENTIRE life + biz in the meanwhile - I FINALLY figured out exactly why I couldn’t find any kind of success and abundance and kept manifesting major fucked-upness.

Before I did I was living my life totally OUT of alignment with my soul..

- BUT -

I was a total natural at manifesting most material things I wanted and following the trendy "dreams" an ambitious young adult *should* - working fashion events, travelling the country promoting labels, photographing models and music festivals, featuring in music videos and magazines, running a "photography biz" at one stage, studying fitness, briefly owning a vintage and handmade boutique and running multiple (and very unclear) blogs.

All "cool" shit but NOT soul shit... it took me a long, LONG time to figure that out.

In amongst all my "cool" jobs and envied titles was abusive relationships, addiction, homelessness and depression, just to mention the major heartbreaking headliners - all the while trying to build a "business" of some sort - any sort - because being an entrepreneur was within my SOUL.

When I eventually woke up to the "dreamcatching" pattern I was repeating and began tuning back into my soul, I realised that it had ALL caught up to me.

And like the manifesting magnet that I am - I had manifested a LIFETIME worth of anxiety within my mind and body.

My nervous system was shot as fuck.

I couldn't handle stress of ANY kind - even the completely healthy kind.

And the inner chatter of my fear-mind COULD not, WOULD not be tamed - no matter how many books I read, crystals I owned or how "spiritual" I was being.

How could I figure out what it was I supposed to be doing on this planet AND heal all my shit? And become successful? And manifest the wealth and abundance I KNEW that I would??

I was so. fucking. tired.

So figuring out my COSMIC LIFE CALLING as the entrepreneur that I KNEW myself to be, had became that much more difficult - not only was I healing and dealing with the residual anxieties of my past and figuring out what I was BORN to do and HOW I would be of service to the world...

I was struggling with anxiety in general on a daily basis.

...So I went back to the bare basics of self-care.

I took stress management VERY seriously.

I journalled and journalled AND FUCKING JOURNALLED.

I sat with myself and my feelings - not to intentionally meditate - but just to finally BREATHE and be.

I stretched and moved my body whatever way felt juicy and delicious, whether it was a proper yogi approved pose or not.

I got out into nature and went on adventures.

Not because I *thought* these things would heal me..

But because they FELT good..

Because I NEEDED them..

Because they were what my SOUL desired...

And then..

After breaking through the inner chatter of my fear-mind, the voice my intuition and higher guidance was as clear as fucking day...


And to this day remembering that moment of crystal clear clarity makes me want to happy cry.

Because EVERYTHING made perfect sense.

How can you expect to be successful if you don't fundamentally believe yourself worthy of it - if you don't LOVE YOURSELF?

How can you call in abundance and wealth and flow you're not in alignment with your soul?


When everything you think, say or do comes from a place of fear?

And fear isn't ACTUALLY real just a mindset of mis-perception?

And the OPPOSITE of fear is also the HIGHEST VIBRATION there is?


Self-Love is tending to you at the very core of who you ARE as fucking COSMIC LOVE personified. Call It Consciousness... Call It Source flow... Call It God... Call It the Universe... You weren't just created by "It" as an evolutionary stardust by-product...


You are LOVE of the highest vibrational frequency.

In your natural state as COSMIC FUCKING LOVE you are an effortless manifestor of magic and miracles in life and biz of EPIC proportions.
You are not just inherently and unconditionally WORTHY of love, bliss and fulfilling your deepest, heartcore dreams and desires - it's your automatic BIRTHRIGHT encoded within your very soul and as natural to you as breathing.

Self-Love is REMEMBERING and EMBODYING that truth.