The Self-Love Goddess Method

This right here is your ticket to cult-ivating 😉 an unshakeable, deeply nourishing and BLISSED out as fuck self-love and the kind of success that you dream of via a solid
Daily Self-Love Practice.

No one tells you what I'm about to share with you because A) They would rather beat around the bush and make money off of you and (therefore not even fully and truly understand it) and because B) It is SO fucking simple that it becomes completely and blatantly obvious once you know that
the magic and miracles you manifest and living and breathing your ULTIMATE life + biz SUCCESS and abundance is in DIRECT PROPORTION to your self-love.


You cannot put a price on a true sense of self-love so I am LITERALLY sharing the LOVE with you. No sales pages. No sign-ups. No BS. All for you right here and right now.

The SELF-LOVE GODDESS METHOD that I explain below, will save you YEARS of mental and emotional energy as well as $$$ spent trying to figure out exactly HOW you - with all your painful baggage and fear-minded blocks - can FINALLY and FULLY love yourself.
Because babe, despite what you might think and despite your past - you ARE 100% worthy and deserving of love.
Doesn't that just feel a little bit ah-mazing already??

The SELF-LOVE GODDESS METHOD I've created for you is very simple yet whole and holistic in its approach and application.


THE GODDESS CODE provides a simple basis of INTERNAL guidelines to contemplate and embody.

THE PILLARS OF SUCCESS are the EXTERNAL, foundational areas of life to which you apply your understanding of THE GODDESS CODE.

Combined together they form the framework of your Daily Self-Love Practice.

P.S Although the words and terms used throughout the SELF-LOVE GODDESS METHOD are intended as easy-to-understand symbols to capture the essence of what they truly represent on a soul level - you can rename any part of this method with whatever resonates with YOU personally.

The Goddess Code

The Goddess Code // Truth
Your ultimate truth is at the very core of who you ARE as fucking COSMIC LOVE personified. Call It Consciousness... Call It Source flow... Call It God... Call It the Universe... You weren't just created by "It" as an evolutionary stardust by-product...


You are LOVE of the highest vibrational frequency baby.

Somewhere along the way - maybe during early childhood, your mid-teens or during early adulthood - fear-minded illusions took over and you became seperate from LOVE, from your true natural state and forgot who you truly are. You fell out of alignment with your truth and took a detour into the darkness of your fear-minded delusion. Your lack of self-worth, self-belief, self-esteem and self-compassion - YOUR SELF-LOVE - as well as the tremendous amounts of pain and chaos in your life that you've endured as a result, only stands as clear evidence of this.

In your natural state as COSMIC FUCKING LOVE you are an effortless manifestor of magic and miracles in life and biz of EPIC proportions.
You are not just inherently and unconditionally WORTHY of love, bliss and fulfilling your deepest, heartcore dreams and desires - it's your automatic BIRTHRIGHT encoded within your very soul. They are not external accomplishments seperate from you and something you have to earn by impossible effort - they are your COSMIC LIFE CALLING and as natural to you as breathing.

To live in and express YOUR truth is to take ongoing ownership and an honest inventory of yourself by honouring WHO you truly are, where in life you're at and how you authentically feel in the NOW - so that you can recognise and heal the seperation, get back into alignment with your true self and come back home to LOVE as the fucking GODDESS that you are.

The Goddess Code // Alignment
When you think, speak, make high vibrational choices and act in ALIGNMENT with your truth, you FLOW in cosmic co-creation and effortlessly manifest magic and miracles while experiencing beautiful signs of synchronicity along the way. When you're in alignment life is JOYFUL despite the challenges of change and growth that life innately brings - your life and biz just floooows.

You can ALWAYS tell whether you are in or out of alignment by your inner compass - a combination of your INTUITION and how you FEEL. Majority of the time being in alignment is simply a matter of FOLLOWING YOUR BLISS and going wherever the feelings of love and joy call to you - but it also means making higher vibrational choices you deep down KNOW are right because they ALIGN with the truth of who you are and your cosmic life calling. Sometimes those choices are definitely difficult to take action on no doubt about it, but when you stay in alignment with your truth your vibrational frequency is of one that is ready and willing to live the ultimate life of your dreams. Alignment is where magic happens baby.

The Goddess Code // Compassion
Compassion is deeper than feeling and expressing loving kindness towards yourself and all living things. Compassion is firstly recognising any SEPERATION from love in yourself and in others, remaining gently open-hearted and then offering unconditional love and forgiveness without expectation or ulterior motive - bridging the gap and bringing MORE love to you as the giver AND to those on the receiving end. Mmm LOVE am I right???

Compassion is at the CORE of your Daily Self-Love Practice simply because lovely, you are HUMAN. The inner chatter of your bitchy, brutal fear-mind that has seperated you from love is a result of PRACTICED neurological wiring reinforced habitually over your entire life time. Healing this lifetime of fear-minded illusions where you have developed low vibrational beliefs - YOUR MINDSET - and passed judgement and projections onto yourself and others can be hard work. It requires a compassionate approach in firstly recognising that ONLY LOVE IS REAL - everything else is just a fear-minded illusion that has triggered your very human "Fight or Flight" response system and usually in a VICIOUS CYCLE. Which is why you lose your fucking shit and attack YOURSELF in response to your own fear-minded inner chatter... Less "cray cray", more biology. Crazy huh?

You WILL stumble every. single. day. but your Daily Self-Love Practice coupled with COMPASSION will help you forge beautiful new bad ass habits, stay in alignment with your goddess self, uplevel and grow and help you return to LOVE.

The Goddess Code // Forgiveness
Everyone cringes when it comes to the topic of forgiveness. It seems like the HARDEST thing to do. But that too is only an illusion.
That's not to say that the PAIN you feel as a result of things that have happened in your past ISN'T real and valid. Forgiveness is a way of acknowledging the role that the specific hurt has played in your life and telling it that you will no longer allow it to control your current reality.
Forgiveness is sweet, sweet FREEDOM.
The way to forgiveness is NOT to just accept and release something we or someone ELSE did, said or thought in the past. The way to forgiveness is to recognise and acknowledge that there was a SEPERATION from love - in this way the details of the specific betrayal itself don't really matter at all.
You don't have to outright forgive everything - you just need to be WILLING to forgive the seperation from love. Simply the energy of being willing to sprinkle some forgiveness around by being open to recognising that there was a seperation will shift you back towards love and free you in a BIG way.

It can also be easy to associate our past with whether or not we are WORTHY of the future we dream of. Any guilt we carry around like cargo loads of baggage weighs us down mentally, emotionally and physically - through things like addiction, illness and unhealthy coping mechanisms. Here's the beautiful thing; we have ALWAYS been and FOREVER will be, worthy of EVERYTHING we desire and worthy of every kind of love - because we ARE love. Guilt is just a fear-minded illusion of judgement we've passed on ourselves about something that was out of alignment with our truth - another way for our fear-mind to be in control.

The Goddess Code // Surrender
It can be extremely fucking frustrating to live in alignment and NOT see evidence of your dreams manifesting. You want them so bad you feel like every cell in your body could burst into spontaneous combustion.
When you're searching for evidence, you're in the vibrational energy of NOT having your desire in your existence which therefore manifests exactly that. You're in a fear-minded vibration of lack and desperation because you believe that you are SEPERATE from what already and has ALWAYS belonged to you - you're not truly in alignment with it. And this is the tricky bit about aligning with your dreams and manifesting your desires... You need to surrender in complete FAITH with goddess-like PATIENCE, while using that "burning desire" as fuel to take co-creational action wherever possible so as to back up your vibrations with the additional vibration of "I am soooooooo ready!".
But the EASIEST way to manifest anything? Joy.
Know what it is that you want and completely SURRENDER by following your BLISS.

The Goddess Code // Commitment
Once you wake up to the truth of who you REALLY are and begin to recognise the fear-mind at play in its games, there is no going back to sleep. You have felt the COSMIC LIFE CALLING of your soul and now have a life-long obligation to see it through, to return to love and be the fucking GODDESS that you are. If you dip your toes in and out and dabble in your Daily Self-Love Practice you will only create pain, frustration and mixed manifestations - it will feel like you're constantly starting at square one over and over again. Your Daily Self-Love Practice requires 100% commitment and all in CONSISTENCY - the Universe loves repetition baby. What will at first seem like hard "work" will become completely and organically natural to you - if not a blissful OBSESSION full of magic. Your practice takes PRACTICE, so take the exhaustive emotion out of expending the energy and effort and hustle with your heart and soul in the moment instead - you will LOVE yourself for it.

The Goddess Code // Gratitude
Gratitude plugs you in to the POWER of love in the present and is an easy way to shift your mindset by looking through the lens of love. No matter how superficial or simplistic the expression of AUTHENTIC appreciation, the vibrational effects mean that gratitude is a super magnet for abundance and also has huge positive benefits in your self and your life backed by scientific studies - such as improved psychological health and a stronger immune system, better quality sleep, strengthened resilience in shitty times, more relaxation and less stress, increased self-esteem, deeper relationships and decreased engagement of the fear-mind... and there are many more. An attitude of gratitude will make it so much easier to override your fear-mind with a more loving mindset of success.

Self-Love Goddess Method // The Pillars of Success
THE PILLARS OF SUCCESS are the 8 foundational areas of your life that require DAILY love and attention. To show you exactly how important each of the pillars are to your Daily Self-Love Practice, imagine this...

Your whole life is a beautiful temple-like villa in the tropics. 
The hardwood floor would be THE GODDESS CODE.
The roof is your version of SUCCESS - the ultimate life of your dreams.
Each of the supporting PILLARS OF SUCCESS holding up the roof, represent a foundational aspect of your life.

If just ONE pillar was to fall down it would affect ALL the others and the entire roof would collapse.

Your success in life and biz DEPENDS on your Daily Self-Love Practice.

The Pillars of Success // The Self-Love Goddess Method

1. Cosmic Life Calling
2. Life Essentials
3. Mindset
4. Self-Care
5. Personal Growth
6. Financial Abundance
7. Relationships
8. Follow Your Bliss

Living your purpose is your COSMIC LIFE CALLING, be it as an entrepreneur or in a career. It's what you were put on this earth to do in service of the fucking planet and entire Universe. Your purpose can only be determined and designed by YOU and everyday is an opportunity to fulfill that purpose.

The Pillars of Success // Life Essentials
Your basic survival depends on the life essentials of NUTRITION, HYDRATION, SHELTER, SLEEP and SEX - or more specifically EXPRESSION of your sensual, primal goddess self - it's in your wild nature to CREATE (and NOT to just pump out babies!).

The Pillars of Success // Mindset
Your mindset is physically made up of neurological pathways created by practiced thoughts and beliefs. Creating a mindset of success, abundance and love requires rewiring the old neurological pathways of your fear-mind.
The most effective ways to adjust your mindset are through journaling exercises, meditation and by being present as a compassionate, non-judgemental witness to your thoughts as they occur.

The Pillars of Success // Self-Care

Self-Care encompasses two parts - your SELF-CARE ESSENTIALS

Your SELF-CARE ESSENTIALS are obviously essential and the nourishing, supportive backbone to your Daily Self-Love Practice.

Your SELF-CARE TOOLKIT is completely up to you - you get to decide what self-care tools are in your toolkit. They could be anything that nourishes and comforts you and puts you in the vibration of love and healing whenever you need it or just feel like filling your love cup. Your toolkit might contain healthy coping mechanisms for challenging times, ways to hack your fear response system and tap into your "rest and recovery" response or just be full of stuff that makes you feel REALLY goooooooooood - cos we all know what vibes the Universe likes right?

On the topic of self-care if you are someone that lives with a medical condition or symptoms of ill-health - either diagnosed or undiagnosed - I highly recommend you consistently do your research, educate yourself as much as possible and have a healing plan full of applicable resources as part of your SELF-CARE TOOLKIT. However this does NOT mean just doing alternative therapies in place of professional prescriptions and treatments or just relying on Dr Google - but it does mean taking an ACTIVE role in your healing process.

The Pillars of Success // Personal Growth

The SELF-LOVE GODDESS METHOD is whole and holistic on it's own - however being the goddess that you are, you will become alive with passion for your Daily Self-Love Practice and thirsty to further empower yourself. So be prepared to continue your self-development which might mean continuous education, research and integrating what you learn on different topics that call to you and that you're passionate about, like fitness or nutrition - or refining and reinventing who you are through new hobbies or experimenting with your personal style to better reflect and really align with who YOU are,
you sexy goddess you.

The Pillars of Success // Financial Abundance
Money is simply an EXCHANGE OF ENERGY yet it triggers the fear-mind and is a source of SO much stress. It does not have to be that way at ALL and can be a source of joy and fun instead. You can easily create financial abundance by embodying THE GODDESS CODE, rewiring your money mindset by changing your perception on the VALUE you place on both yourself as well as the bits of metal and paper in your wallet and creating a brand new and LOVING relationship to your finances. It's also about taking complete ownership and a brutally honest inventory of where your finances are at, being 100% grateful for what you have (and trust me, you have a LOT to be grateful for) and aligning with abundance INSTEAD of lack. You will find that as your Daily Self-Love Practice becomes a habit, your financial abundance will automatically improve as wealth is NOT just limited to your financial funds - the proof is in "The Pillars" 😉.

The Pillars of Success // Relationships

Relationships refers to the interactions and connections that you have with other people and living beings, the environment around you and COSMIC LOVE itself.
Our hearts all beat as ONE so recognise that we are ALL beautiful vessels of COSMIC LOVE and yet everyone has their own fear-mind and not everyone has the AWARENESS that you now do. Having forgiveness and compassion will help you with difficult people projecting their fear-minded shit on you in unavoidable situations, however with your Daily Self-Love Practice you will also begin to sense the need to let toxic relationships go and to instead create loving BOUNDARIES to protect your energy, your practice and your magic which will in turn ATTRACT soul-nourishing relationships and joyful everyday connections instead.

Follow Your Bliss // The Self-Love Goddess Header
Ahh.. maybe my favouritist aspect of a Daily Self-Love Practice!
Follow Your Bliss IS a pillar but it is also the EASIEST way to integrate and implement ALL of the above as well. Life is to be enjoyed. It's about following your inner compass and doing what is joyful to you in every aspect of life - while also making sure that you do take the time to PLAY, to have fun, to have some kind of adventure as often as possible if not every single day even if it is just taking a leisurely stroll or just sitting in the sun for 5 minutes. Surrendering to joy allows the power of love to fill you with awe and gratitude for soul-nourishing experiences - which really could be EVERY experience you have on this planet. It's about getting OUT of your head and into your heart and soul which will completely centre you in the present moment without you even fucking TRYING.
You can even (and should) fill up your SELF-CARE TOOLKIT with ways to follow your fucking bliss babe. Fill. it. up. And if you can't realistically DO something "adventurous" on a daily basis then either make something that's everyday mundane just that little bit more joyful or even sit down and research and plan your next adventure or R+R day.
Because at the end of the day no matter what dreams you have, whatever your version of success is - we all just want to live a life of bliss, right?
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